Peak of the Devil: 100 questions and answers about Peak Oil


Peak of the Devil: 100 Questions (and answers) about Peak Oil
By Chip Haynes
Satya House Publications
ISBN: 978-0-9818720-3-2
226 pages with resources
Price: $14.95
Available from Amazon, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, and Midpoint Trade Books, as well as online directly from the publisher and other retail outlets.

Some of the 100 Questions about Peak Oil this book will answer:

1. What’s this peak oil thing you keep jabbering on about?  
2. Well, whose fault is that?
3. Can we blame M. K. Hubbert? (who?)
4. Why should I care?
5. But everything looks great right now, doesn’t it?
6. How big is this, anyway?
98. How will I know what’s really happening?
99. What’s the best we can hope for?
100. It’s going to end up alright, isn’t it?

Chip Haynes
Chip Haynes, author

About the author: Chip Haynes is an artist, writer, juggler and cyclist living in Clearwater, Florida. Knowing that it takes ten years of hard work to be an overnight sensation, Chip wrote over 1,200 articles on bicycling and global resources for Mason St. Clair’s Wire Donkey bicycling newsletter out of Nashville, Tennessee before his first two books, The Practical Cyclist and Wearing Smaller Shoes, were released in 2009 by New Society Publishers of British Columbia, Canada. In that same period, two works on global oil, “Ghawar is Dying” (2001) and “60 Days Next Year” (2004) were published online by The New Colonist, a web site devoted to urban issues and resources.“60 Days Next Year” also became a radio program for the State of Maine Public Radio in the summer of 2004.

After studying the global oil situation for over a dozen years, Chip and his wife JoAnn live in a modest home in suburbia, using far less resources than the average home, and recycling much of what they use. Chip rides his bicycle to work, and they both walk to the store. While no one can be truly ready for the oil crisis many predict we will face, Chip would like to delude himself into thinking he’s got a handle on it. Only time will tell. Well, that and maybe the sequel to Peak of the Devil. Stay tuned.

Peak of the Devil is the culmination of many years of reading far too much on the subject of global oil and the impending energy crisis that few see coming. The lack of media and public attention on the subject of peak oil has long been something of an inside joke among those that do study the issue, and Chip hopes to garner a bit of attention to the subject with his book. Stranger things have happened.

In the meantime, Chip and and JoAnn will continue to live in paradise on Florida’s west coast, and Chip’s long-standing parting words take on all new urgency as oil (and the lack thereof) makes the news: Keep your bike tires pumped.